Collaborative Problem Solving

About Collaborative Problem Solving

There are many problem-solving techniques we use in industries for solving problems. In the conventional/traditional approach, we take countermeasures immediately when we see the symptoms through our experience, intuition, nerve and inspiration. QC problem-solving approach calls for the analysis of the root causes to implement countermeasures which are institutionalized for sustenance and preventing a recurrence.

In essence, it has a funnel of the upper stage of grasping the situation by defining the problems clearly and the second stage of cause investigation using QC tools. The tools vary from Quality circle methodology, 7 basic QC tools, QFD, DMAIC, Six Sigma, Shainin, A3 and so on.

Collaborative problem-solving in a simple way uses CEDAC process (Extensively used by Dr Ryuji Fukuda) with simple brainstorming by a group of individuals affected by the problem, working together to analyse the causes using Cause & Effect technique and Why Why analysis to find root causes.

Collaborative problem solving thus unleashes the creative potential of the persons involved (Remember the 8th waste of ‘Non-utilization of Human potential ’by Toyota). The simple CEDAC (Cause and Effect Diagram with Addition of Cards) process helps in improving the involvement and knowledge of finding root causes for solving problems. People in the Gemba solve their problems using Genjitsu (Real Facts) to do Gensoku (Logical decision based on Facts).

Training Program Contents

Problem-Solving Approaches

Brain Storming & 7 Basic Tools

Understanding ‘Cause & Effect’ -Root Cause Analysis

Why Collaborative Problem solving approach?

‘CEDAC’ as Collaborative Problem Solving- 8 Steps of Continuous Improvement process

Practising CEDAC

Implementation of SEDAC- Using Analysis Card With Why? Why?

Videos on Why Why Analysis

S.V Subramaniam

Senior Consultant & Corporate Trainer

KAIZEN™ Insitute

21st Feb 2019   09:30-17:30   Curie Hall, Suzlon One Earth Campus

S.V.Subramaniam is a widely recognized corporate trainer who has implemented 5S, Visual management and Lean Management across multiple industries and enabled business transformations.

He is successful in implementing process improvements through Lean management to reduce waste and improve operational efficiency. 

He is a successful motivator in all employee involvement activities. He has wide experience in implementing & Improving QMS, Quality Circle and KAIZEN™ Circles. He is having diversified experience in FMCG, Auto components industries.

Who Should Attend?

KAIZEN™ Coordinators, Young Budding Engineers, Supervisors, Team leaders, QC Personnel, Mid- Management Staff/Coaching Staff Guiding Teams and Operational excellence Team Members of covering service and manufacturing industries.

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